The Nightingale and the Rose

25 02 2009

This is an animated short based on Oscar Wilde’s story “The Nightingale and the Rose”.In the story, a young man falls in love with a girl, who tells him that she will dance with him at the upcoming ball if he hands her a red rose. However, the boy only has white roses growing in his garden and he becomes very upset. A nightingale hears him crying and is taken by his story. The bird decides to get a red rose for him.He flies to two different bushes asking them for a red rose, but they have only yellow and pink roses. He then flies to a bare bush that tells him that it can grow a red rose only if the nightingale gives up his life for it and sings to him the entire night as the thorn pierces his heart. The blood of the bird will help to grow a beautiful red rose. So the bird decides to do this and kills himself.The next day, the boy finds the flower and brings it to the girl. The girl responds that another man gave her jewelry and that is a far more expensive gift than any flower…and rejects him. Drawings are all hand painted with watercolors.Music: “Nocturne” by Alexander Borodin

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A very poignant video

7 02 2009

On YouTube it is described as:

The filmmaker combines 2D animation on a graphics tablet with the warmth of sand animation, thus uniting modernity and tradition, Brazil and Africa, music and memory. Sparse in design and humanist in its outlook, Hungu exudes the elegance and suggestive power of a timeless story.

An Eye for Annai

4 02 2009

This is a cute little thing, the authors are Burst of Burden and I’ve found a bit of information here

This film was done by Jon Klassen and Dan Rodrigues in their third year at Sheridan College’s Classical Animation Program. Everything is hand drawn and animated. They coloured the animation digitally, and the backgrounds are a mix of traditional and digital.

Just a line after all

2 02 2009

Old, simple but effective cartoon

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Radiohead Music Video Contest Winnermusic

30 01 2009

Apparently there was a contest and this is the winner, not bad at all.In March, 2008, aniBoom, together with Radiohead’s label TBD Records, launched the In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest. Animators fr…

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South African Animation that has to be seen

27 01 2009

It is weird and very artistic, unfortunately it has not had many views on YouTube while I think it deserves more attention.  To know more these guys were responsible for it.

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A very unusual catwalk

27 01 2009

This is not exactly new and I cannot say I’m normally interested in catwalks but it’s so well done (in my opinion) that I feel compelled to post it here.

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