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12 02 2009

Do you have the empathy gene?

12 02 2009


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Everyday I read in the media the result of some research, some of it is so obvious that I wonder why they spend money on it, some other will be contradicted by another research within weeks and sometimes there is some research which is some food for thought.
This is today in The Daily Telegraph.
Researchers believe that the ability to understand and share the feelings of others is at least partly innate and built into our bodies at birth.
I don’t know whether it is a gene or not but I’ve often wondered why some people are totally unable to see things from another person’s perspective even with all the facts there in front of them. There are very few things that irritate me more that people saying “He/she should have done that, if things went wrong they are entirely to blame because they did not do what I’ve would have done” even when the their situation is completely different and the options they have were not available to that person.

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11 02 2009

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10 02 2009

A world of words

10 02 2009

what are word for?

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I like words and their meanings and I like dictionaries.  Therefore here I compile a list of dictionaries to be found online, free ones of course.  OneLook has a very basic interface but searches other dictionaries online,  it can be very useful.  Merriam- Webster has a visual dictionary online, ideal for looking for the word for the thingy on top of the thingy. I also like Shahi that uses Flickr’s images to define words or The Visual Dictionary. Definr and Ninjawords are a super fast dictionaries. The Phrase Finder is where to look when wanted to know the origins and meanings of idiomatic phrases and saying, similarly we have  For those easily confused we have Confused Words which lists a few thousands words easily confused or misused in the English language. Visuwords gives you a graph with the relationships between words, fascinating stuff as alternative we have Lexipedia.

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9 02 2009

La Charite-sur-Loire

9 02 2009

La Charite-sur-Loire

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Another place I did not know existed. It is a small town in Burgundy on an island in the river Loire, France, famous mainly for this priory founded in 1059 by the monks of Cluny (cluniac order). The priory has had an eventful life: sheltered Joan of Arc, witnessed the 100 years war, the War of Religions was partially burnt down by a fire and eventually became an unlikely fortress during World War II. What I’ve also learned reading this is that Burgundy was a land of hundreds of monasteries, divided between the Order of Cluny and the Cistercian order. Although their architecture was Romanesque (or Burgundian-Romanesque style to be more precise) they added elements that led to the later Gothic style. I have not found a decent video of La Charite-sur-Loire so I will include one of the nearby Vezeley.