Do you have the empathy gene?

12 02 2009


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Everyday I read in the media the result of some research, some of it is so obvious that I wonder why they spend money on it, some other will be contradicted by another research within weeks and sometimes there is some research which is some food for thought.
This is today in The Daily Telegraph.
Researchers believe that the ability to understand and share the feelings of others is at least partly innate and built into our bodies at birth.
I don’t know whether it is a gene or not but I’ve often wondered why some people are totally unable to see things from another person’s perspective even with all the facts there in front of them. There are very few things that irritate me more that people saying “He/she should have done that, if things went wrong they are entirely to blame because they did not do what I’ve would have done” even when the their situation is completely different and the options they have were not available to that person.


Hungry Planet

7 02 2009

I remember this book when it came out now I can see that it can be browsed on Google Books.  It features photos of 30 families around the world and the food they consume in a wehungryplanetek. I remember noticing how people from Western countries often ate the worst food, lots of processed stuff, boxed etc. The problem with nutrition is that every week we read something new, some new research says that eating this is worse than thought, eating that causes dementia or whatever.  I’ve reached the simple conclusion that a good diet is a bit of everything in moderation, I’ve a sweet tooth that I need to please from time to time, but I try to have as much variety of food as possible so I cannot be that wrong. Oops this is a healthy nutrition test.

Is microblogging the death of blogging?

29 01 2009

I’ve seen this discussed a lot recently.  As for everything there are the two extreme opinions (yes and no)  and then everything in between.

For what my experience is worth,  I used to have a blog a few years ago which lasted a good year but when I reached a PR 4, ended up getting linked by an US paper, I got bored with it. The problem was not so much the writing as when I start a post my writing tends to flow but finding new  ideas that motivated me enough to concentrate for 15 minutes or so.

Then I started to spend more and more time in the so called social media sites, I’ve accumulated thousands of bookmarks, favourited hundreds of videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, articles on Digg, ended up having an account on FriendFeed about a year ago and eventually opened a Twitter’s account in August 2008 and realised that I was collecting so many ideas and information that I felt the need to have a quiet place where to collide all this together without having my thoughts restricted by the number of characters. And in any case I could not run out of ideas any longer.

So I tried to restart my old blog after a “sabbatical” lasting over a year. Unfortunately the platform which was acceptable  2/3 years ago has not been updated enough to be compatible with the rest of the sites (no posting photos directly from Flickr and a labour intensive way to embed videos) so I decided to close shop and start a new blog here. In conclusion my answer to the question is a no.

Dreaming in black and white

26 01 2009

The British Psychology Society says that older people might dream or think that they dream in black and white even because they were used to black and white tv and movies among other factors.

The second explanation has to do with black and white television and film. It’s possible that the boom in black and white film and television during the first half of the last century either affected the form of people’s dreams at that time, or affected their beliefs about the form dreams generally take.

Funnily enough when I try to imagine anything prior to the 1960s I automatically see it in black and white. For instance, my mind finds it difficult to accept that daily life in the 1950s or 1940s was in colour.
A bit like this really.

My first job: collecting and washing glasses in a pub

23 01 2009

Lasted until I got promoted and was put behind the bar. Altogether I worked three years in three different pubs. It was fun at times but I hated working in the evening mainly because as a would be musician I could not play or watch any gigs. Then I worked in a supermarket which opened at 7 o'clock in the morning so I had the opposite problem. By evening I was too tired to do much.

In defense of my vice: internet

23 01 2009

Today is the Day That I Happily Refuse to Purchase and iPhone by Tim Samoff (timsamoff)

Well the internet is my only vice, started 12 years ago and I don't even try to stop. Sadly I'm addicted.

This is my first attempt at using Plinky.