Radiohead Music Video Contest Winnermusic

30 01 2009

Apparently there was a contest and this is the winner, not bad at all.In March, 2008, aniBoom, together with Radiohead’s label TBD Records, launched the In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest. Animators fr…

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Retro Records

30 01 2009

Nice pool on Flickr that groups over 9000 images of old record covers and photos of vinyl. The one I chose is probably not the most representative, the best ones are definitely the ones from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

And on a similar theme, I add an old video that was quite popular a couple of years ago.

Greatest guitar songs of all time

29 01 2009

While I’m still testing if I can still use a keyboard I have this interesting found from Rolling Stone magazine. A list of the best guitar songs of all times. While I’m not of fan of lists in general which will always be too subjective, I find this one quite entertaining as after each track there is a link to its own YouTube video. Therefore it seems appropriate to present the winner Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, it’s alright really.

The Beatles Cartoons

28 01 2009

In my continuously tested ignorance I was not aware of the existence of these cartoons. Probably I was born too late and  I found them by chance on YouTube (an infinite source of entertainment, what did we do before YouTube?) so here’s some examples.

Wikipedia says on the matter:

The Beatles was an American animated television series featuring the fanciful and musical misadventures of the extraordinarily popular British rock band of the same name. It ran from 1965 to 1967 on ABC in the USA (later transmissions were reruns). Each episode has a name of a Beatles song, so the story is based on its lyrics and it is also played at some time in the episode.

Today is Mozart’s Birthday

27 01 2009

Or it would have been had he lived this long. For this occasion here’s a video of “Eine Kleine Nachtsmusik” done with period instruments.

Busking in London

26 01 2009

Through the Londonist I discovered Bandstand Busking, an excellent site with excellent videos of busking in bandstands in London parks. The music is good quality and there are some well known names. If you are in London you can even subscribe to the mailing list and they let you know when and where the next busking event takes place. Otherwise you can just watch the videos.


This is just plain weird

24 01 2009


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Ok, it’s Japanese, it’s techno pop and I don’t have a clue what she’s singing about but the second half with the cats dancing is just too weird.