La Charite-sur-Loire

9 02 2009

La Charite-sur-Loire

Originally uploaded by chrisinburgundy

Another place I did not know existed. It is a small town in Burgundy on an island in the river Loire, France, famous mainly for this priory founded in 1059 by the monks of Cluny (cluniac order). The priory has had an eventful life: sheltered Joan of Arc, witnessed the 100 years war, the War of Religions was partially burnt down by a fire and eventually became an unlikely fortress during World War II. What I’ve also learned reading this is that Burgundy was a land of hundreds of monasteries, divided between the Order of Cluny and the Cistercian order. Although their architecture was Romanesque (or Burgundian-Romanesque style to be more precise) they added elements that led to the later Gothic style. I have not found a decent video of La Charite-sur-Loire so I will include one of the nearby Vezeley.




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