What I use to improve my enjoyment of FriendFeed

5 02 2009

There are hundreds of Twitter third party applications, I used to see blog posts that said the 10 or 20 best Twitter applications now I see we have increased to the best 100.

I don’t use a good percentage of these Twitter things because they require my username and password and that is not a good idea,  especially now that Twitter is getting a lot of attention and news  of hacking and hijacking accounts have reached the mainstream media.

Long before I opened an account with Twitter I had an account with FriendFeed which was quite new then and  I mainly used at the time to keep in touch and share content with people I already knew by setting up private rooms. Increasingly I’ve been using it more often socially as in my opinion it provides me with more depth and entertainment than Twitter even it it does not make the headlines.

I’ve been trying to collect what’s around for Friendfeed and mostly what I’ve been using  (I’m a Firefox user).

To share things on FriendFeed (and other services) I’ve been using solely Shareaholic,  it does the job well, no complaints.

FriendZone is supposed to give you a list of similar people to follow etc but in reality I find the information is very similar to what is found in the FriendFeed’s own recommendation list.

FriendDeck is similar to TwitterDeck,  a standalone API application etc. I’ve installed both and use neither on a daily basis  I still prefer to follow on my browser with the help of this Firefox plugin that refreshes automatically. The real time feature on FriendFeed is alright but then it becomes a bit like Twitter and unless I’ve been following religiously for hours and know all the conversations that are taking place I find it difficult to understand what is going on. Alternately there is FriendFeed Spy but to me it is the same issue it turns FriendFeed into Twitter which is not what I’m looking for.

Of other standalone applications I’ve tried Feedalizr that got on my nerves and uninstalled it soon after and Twhirl which is very good if only I could be bothered to use it regularly.

Moopz follows the whole conversations but then again is not exactly realtime and Noiseriver is just Friendfeed with a different layout but has the added value of separating my own comments and likes. Useful when someone uses the function likes as a way of bookmarking items albeit temporarily.

FFholic lists popular entries, rooms and users,  it is not something that I use regularly.

Friendgrid has some curiosity value by displaying a grid of random FF  users, the problem is that the risk is finding people that only stream what they listen  on Last.fm.

There are some Greasemonkey scripts for FriendFeed worth looking at

Friendfeed Filters which filter noise but I’ve not tried it

Subscribed to me is to let you quickly subscribed to anyone who is following you.

ReadLater that allow you to mark items of interest to be read later on

FFFetch checks if the page I’m reading have any entry on FF

Filter FriendFeed by Service allows you to filter the page you are looking on (everyone, user, room or whatever by service.

There are many other older Greasemonkey scripts around although so have features that have been added on FF or they stopped working with new tabless version so are now obsolete.




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