Websites for movie buffs and words lovers

27 01 2009

The Art of the Title Sequence is a website for anyone who likes opening credits. I would not have thought I had any interest in them but now that I look at them in this format they are not bad at all.

Addictionary is a strange dictionary that looks at weird words and users are encouraged to make up words for situations and things that don’t have one. For instance, we have one of my pet hates:

A person who instantly pauses at the end of a running escalator, because arriving on a different floor is a huge mental challenge.

Someone suggested the word “escatard”.

Forvo can be quite useful, not so much for learning another language from scratch, there are better ways to do that, but it’s fascinating to find out how to pronounce foreign people and places names the way the natives do. This is how a Russian pronounces Moscow and how a Dane says this lovely word tilsyneladende.
Unfortunately I don’t even know what it means.




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