Things I can’t stand about Twitter

19 01 2009

In my 6 months following Twitter on and off, I’ve collect a series of things I detest and here’s my rant (I’ve bottled it up for a while as I was changing blogging platform):

  1. People that send you a Direct Message (DM) straight away asking you to become their friends on Facebook. I don’t mind people following me on Twitter and if they are half interesting I will follow back. But my Facebook (which I don’t like and use very much) is a very private place. I don’t want 5000 “friends” that I don’t know just to pretend I’m Mr Popular. Therefore no, I’m not going to add anyone on Facebook and I don’t like when people with whom I’ve had no interaction whatsoever in all my life ask me to.
  2. Anyone that sends me links on how to make money quickly. If I found a way to make $$$ or £££ (quickly or slowly) I certainly would not broadcast it on Twitter, I would be too busy making and counting money. Unless my making money involves people clicking my links and doing some complicated pyramid scheme. Besides my innate skepticism in any sentence that contains that words money and quickly I am not, in this point in time, on Twitter to make money. Not interested thank you.
  3. People that follow me and quickly unfollow. I take it that their aim is to build up a huge list of followers (quickly like they make money, of course) and they follow me hoping that I will follow them and because they are not really interested in what other say, they promptly unfollow. Even on Twitter I’m not in a popularity contest. I’ve only accrued less than 400 followers in about 6 months which compared to lots of accounts I’m the equivalent of the hermit on the hill. But I tend to read what people I follow have to say. Quality before quantity, always.
  4. All these people that in DMs and Bios introduce themselves as experts in social media, internet, marketing etc. I know there are some real experts out there, some of them I follow but there are probably the least likely to define themselves in their short bio as experts. But normally I am suspicious about anyone that says they are experts in anything and I wonder whether the world really needs thousands of experts in social media and/or internet. And whether they have anything that interesting to tell me. Too many gurus spoil the broth.

Funnily enough, after drafting this post I’ve found this article and the original article by Atherton Bartelby on Mashable. It is reassuring to see that even people more in the know than me have similar feelings.




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